Borislav and his project “Article 216” finalists during the first edition of Digital Indie Lab

Health consultation for trans people
Venelin Petkov – part of the mentors in the second edition of Digital Indie Lab

"Article 216" is a multimedia project that recreates the images of homosexual Bulgarians from the 19th century. Through photos, music, a short film, etc., the project creates a world in which, instead of being persecuted and punished, these Bulgarians are free to love and be themselves.

The author of the project Borislav is another participant in the first edition of Digital Indie Lab. His idea is supported by a scholarship that will help realize the photos for the project. They will be part of a larger digital experience in which you will:

- We are watching a short film that shows LGBT Bulgarians in a good light;

- We learn that they have been part of our people for centuries;

- We listen to music created especially for the project;

- Put on the agenda the recovery of our deleted queer history, etc.

Thanks to his idea, he won a scholarship for its realization.

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