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In this following text, I promise, you won’t find a single mention of statistics or the great practices in New York, Berlin or Dubai.

We Wear All Our Experiences on Our Bodies

Would I hold hands with my ex-boyfriend in Paris? Or just in New York or Fire Island? Or the good parts of Oslo, helpfully pointed out by a boy on a date: “This area is where I would hold hands. That area is where I wouldn’t hold hands.”

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

In the first post on the topic we seek to answer the question of “Are sexual orientation and gender identity the same thing and if not, are they connected?”.

What Is It like to Be in a Support Group?

When we experience or have experienced something traumatic or related to our close ones, sometimes the only thing that could make us feel better is to share with someone who has been through the same experience.

The Story of a High-School Club

With patience, dialogue and persistence, we eventually achieved our goal. The club kept on growing every week, the interest was unwavering and our student voice was growing stronger and stronger.

Is Being an LGBT Teenager Really That Difficult?

When I was in seventh grade, a boy from the year above committed suicide. The whole school found out. He had done it by hanging himself. We knew that as well. We also knew that the reason behind that was that he was gay and had recently come out to his father.