On New Year’s Resolutions

With the beginning of the new year our social media gets flooded with aspirational posts about the bright future and ambitious new years’ resolutions.

„I love being gay and I love our achievements“

Today the legacy of Larry Kramer continues to live and will impact the generations after us.

We remember – We take action – We live beyond HIV

“I want to scream where was all this when my friends were dying!?”

The Bold and Painfully Honest Don’t Tell Mama

But this is not just a book about gay people. This is a book that wants to grab each of us by the shoulders, shake us, and tell us "Are you finally awake?"

LGBTI Families: Questions and Answers

We know that many of you that are looking for support from us, often ask themselves whether it’s possible for LBGTI people to raise families in Bulgaria. Read how Elena and the group of parents, whom she organized, could be of help with the specific questions you have about LGBTI families.

10 Must-See Movies, Released After 2010

In this following text, I promise, you won’t find a single mention of statistics or the great practices in New York, Berlin or Dubai.