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My Story: The Volunteer V

Did You Sign up for Our Groups?

In this following text, I promise, you won’t find a single mention of statistics or the great practices in New York, Berlin or Dubai.

The concept of a group in which one feels accepted and understood was created way before the dry scientific theories that ‘prove’ the benefits of belonging to a community. “Created” might not even be the best word for it. It is actually completely natural to want to be seen and supported and disconnect from the affirmation that you are singular and there is no one else like you. Of course we’re not all the same. But there’s a truth somewhere deep under our fears and dreams, in our individual pain and joy, that we all have a collective root and it is that root which connects us. Like an invisible chord equalising the seemingly distant concepts of “I” and “You”. “My world” and “Your world”. “Alone” and “together”.

Imagine a puzzle - a picture, in which the colours and hues merge together into something new. To be able to see this new thing, it is necessary that every piece is at its perfect place. Different in its essence with the function of being part of something bigger. To find the point of contact in which it can both give and receive, simultaneously. This particularly is the purpose of mutual support. If what I just said sounds too metaphorical or abstract, I will give a mathematical example. If I am ‘x’ and I have no clue what I equal, the only way to solve the equation, would be to find the other unkown vlaue. Or, to see my reflection in the eyes of others. And then who knows? Find out more about myself? Maybe.

Maybe even the acknowledgement that there are others like me would be enough for me to say to myself - “Hey there, nothing’s really happening. You just have a different sexuality than the people you’ve met before.”

Single Step’s doors are wide open for every young person who wants to learn more - not from a book or a teacher, but the lives of others. To be exact - those with non-traditional sexual orientation. If you decide you wanted to tell your story, you’d be contributing to the whole group in an amazing way.

Come to our mutual support groups, where you’ll find safety, space and water.

Sometimes biscuits.

All that you’d need to bring - yourself.

The rest is history to be written.