Be Yourself

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To Inspire You to Be Yourself

Be Yourself was born as a passion project in order to inspire young people around the world to be true to themselves. Produced by Single Step with the generous pro bono collaboration of a number of international professionals, companies and partners, the video is an artistic manifestation of courage, self-expression, human connection and community.

“I wanted to create a coming out story that is universal, that everyone can relate to on some level. A piece to inspire young people to have the courage to be their true self, using parkour as a metaphor for finding inner strength by belonging to a community. If this film helps only one person, I have achieved what I wanted”, says director Sandro Suppnig.

Be Yourself stars German actor Robert Maaser (Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, Sense8), NYC-based artist Edward Granger, as well as a group of young Bulgarian parkour athletes. Jalaludin Trautmann was the cinematographer.

The film was shot on location in and around Sofia, with the support of B2Y Productions, Havas Bulgaria, NHB, Matheis Casting, American Embassy in Sofia, Telus International Europe and Open Society Foundations.

“One year ago I had a vision of a young man in distress standing on the edge of a cliff. And he takes one crucial step… I am deeply grateful to the amazing team that created Be Yourself, for their dedication and heart”, says Ivan Dimov, Founder of Single Step.

Robert Maaser: Exceptional Important is to Be Yourself