Nikoleta Gabrovska


Invitation: Psychodrama group exploring current issues in the LGBTQ community

Arteast Foundation continues its initiative for the second consecutive year and opens new places to an already existing group for experiential work with the means of theatre and psychodrama: "Dramaturgy of Intimacy"

Parents of LGBT youth: Do you understand that we are alone?!

That's why we started a group for parents of LGBT youth in late September 2019, which is still functioning today.

On New Year’s Resolutions

With the beginning of the new year our social media gets flooded with aspirational posts about the bright future and ambitious new years’ resolutions.

The European Court of Human Rights will review the international responsibility of the Bulgarian State for the disrupted Burgas Pride in 2021

The ECtHR registered application no. 44683/22, Milev and Others v. Bulgaria, with a complaint for violated right to a peaceful march – Article 11 of the Convention.

Striving for equality – World AIDS Day 2022

Numerous organisations and activists are celebrating World AIDS Day on 1 December

The Venue that Gathers People with Different Ideas

Establishing the Foundation and providing comprehensive support services for the LGBTI community in Bulgaria was our first step, after which we focused on our social enterprise - The Steps

The decision of the Constitutional Court does not stop the path of trans people to administrative change of their gender

Yesterday the long-awaited decision of the Constitutional Court, answering the question of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Cassation, was announced. The question was How should the term "sex" used in the Constitution be understood, and does it have a meaning other than biological sex?

Apply for Our Digital Indie Lab

Up to 15 participants will be selected and 6 of them will receive a 1000 leva scholarship. Apply with your online content projects with a social theme and be part of the program!

Mravin and the Planet Forest

"Mravin and the Planet Forest" is a children's book by Velikan Vasileva and illustrator Veselka Velinova, which we gladly supported because of all the important social topics that it touches on.