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Mravin and the Planet Forest

"Mravin and the Planet Forest" is a children's book by Velikan Vasileva and illustrator Veselka Velinova, which we gladly supported because of all the important social topics that it touches on.

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Welcome to CampOUT: Identity & Persona

The exhibition collects photographs, video visualizations with impressive choreography and art collages, created entirely during the week-long art workshop for young LGBTI artists from around the country.

Garrard Conley and “Boy Erased” with a Tour

The author is coming to the country to share his story to Bulgarian readers in 4 different cities: Sofia, Varna, Burgas, and Plovdiv

We Present: “Boy Erased” and Garrard Conley in Bulgaria

We first heard about the book Boy Erased more than two years ago. Today, we would like to invite you to meet its author and watch the film in four cities across Bulgaria.

Support Group for Parents of LGBTI Youth

In the past months, we had numerous questions from parents with whom we work person-to-person, as well as from those who connect with our volunteers via the online chat, with regards to the start of a support group for parents of LGBT people. Attuned to these needs, we decided to start this type of support group at the end of September.

LGBTI Families: Questions and Answers

We know that many of you that are looking for support from us, often ask themselves whether it’s possible for LBGTI people to raise families in Bulgaria. Read how Elena and the group of parents, whom she organized, could be of help with the specific questions you have about LGBTI families.

Ivan Dimov with Interview for “120 minutes” on bTV

After 25 years of working abroad, he decided to come back to Bulgaria with a very personal motive - to establish the non-profit Single Step.

Momchil Baev Spoke at the International HIV Conference in Mexico

“We have the science and technology we need to address the epidemic, and it’s time to eliminate stigma and discrimination to reach all people,” Momchil Baev said at the International IAS conference at Mexico City.