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Orphans taken away from foster transgender parent in Russia

On 15 February 2021 the European Court of Human Rights communicated a rare application concerning a transgender person’s right to respect for family life with his foster children...

With Еpisode 5 of The Second Season of Our Podcast We Celebrate Valentine’s Day

In the week of love, we share with you the frank and exciting conversation with Elena and Galina, part of the community of LGBTI realized and future parents.

Episode 4 of The Second Season of Our Podcast with Guest Dr. Vladimir Sotirov is Now Online

n this episode, Ani talks to the clinical psychiatrist Dr. Vladimir Sotirov and gets an opinion about supporting LGBT people, and in particular trans people, from a serious professional with many years of experience.

GenerationArt: Ani-Yana Ivanovska

Ani-Yana Peterinova Ivanovska .. or in short Ivanovska. Photographer, Merchandiser & Stylist. Minimalist ...

Episode Three of the Second Season of Our Podcast is Associated With a Heightened Sense of Rejection during the holidays

In this episode, Annie and Niya will try to improve your mood and help you cope with a "pinch of cinnamon" better with sadness during the holidays...

Episode Two and Our Conversation with Georgi Apostolov from the Center for Safe Internet are Now Online

The second episode (season 2) is dedicated to our online communication. The conversation is with Georgi Apostolov from the Center for Safe Internet...

Huge recognition for our initiative #endHIVbg from the World Health Organization

Single Step created the first national initiative for home testing for HIV...

Groundbreaking Victory for Trans People in Bulgaria

Our legal consultant Natasha Dobreva won a case for recognizing the gender of a trans parent...

Welcome to Chechnya – Live Discussion with the Creators

Single Step Foundation and HBO Bulgaria are proud to present...