Our Team

Anna Joukivskaia

Psychologist and Psychological Support Coordinator

Anna is a professional who has been working with teens and their families for 15 years on various topics and in different contexts. After graduating from Richmond University in London with a degree in Psychology, she started working as a psychologist in an NGO, working with women and children, victims of violence. Simultaneously she was writing as a psychologist for a youth magazine, answering to specific questions from teens, related to violence, how to deal with bullying, developing self-esteem, dealing with different issues in their everyday life (e.g. relationships, sexuality orientation, and gender identity).

She has been a School Psychologist for 7 years and has been directly involved in all areas related to adolescent development – psychological evaluation, psychological counseling, career guidance, psychological profiling, crisis intervention in cases of bullying, online violence, family issues, death in the family, etc. As a teacher of Psychology, Anna used formal and informal learning methods to change the stereotypical thinking of students towards minority groups, LGBTI people and gender-roles and expectations in today’s society. As a psychologist who is trained in the family therapy paradigm, she has her own private practice where she works with young people and adults and guides them through various emotional and behavioral issues, personal development and relationship crises.

Anna provides free support for LGBTI youth and their parents at the office of Single Step and online.