2 Years of Single Step Support Services: What’s Up?

Meet the Drag queen of Bulgaria – Malina Yang

2 Years of Single Step Support Services: What's Up?

We have been working hard for 2 years to support LGBTI youth and their parents throughout the country. For this period, we have more than 1000 online chats and calls from more than 110 cities, towns and villages.

We know that everything we do is impossible without our partners and therefore we want to discuss what has been achieved so far. We will share which are the most common problems facing LGBTI people, how have we developed our services to meet their needs, and above all: what lies ahead.

Welcome on 07.11 at 14:00, "In the Park" event hall

In the next three years, we plan to increase our efforts to:

• Work with social workers across the country;

• Publishing statistics on the experiences of LGBTI youth at school and working with the educational system;

• Provide online and offline platforms and spaces for LGBTI artists;

We work with an invisible group that is hard to discuss and is often avoided as a "sensitive topic". We would like to show you that young LGBTI people in Bulgaria are no longer invisible and that our results from working with them are visible, effective and caring for their specific problems.

The event is part of a three-year project "Empowering young LGBTI people through access to services, motivation and focused policy change", implemented with financial support of € 44 450, provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the Financial Mechanism of the EEA. The main objective of the project is to support and empower young LGBTI people and the professionals working with them.